Announcing my daughter’s birth… my Princess is here!

It has been a week since I’ve given birth to my Princess.

She’s beautiful and full of random smiles. This baby girl has brought so much more purpose to my life with peace, love and joy. Not only that, but she has brought out the best of me. I’ve always been ambitious but now I aspire to do more. I aspire to be more. I aspire to achieve more. Because I want to give her more. I want to be able to give her all the things I’ve never had plus more.


My birth story

I went in to the hospital June 20th and went through 3 days of labor before we had to opt for an emergency procedure on June 23rd. My princess arrived late Sunday night at 7lbs and 5oz. The first thing I noticed was her wavy, curly hair and her big almond shaped eyes. She was stunningly beautiful. I cried in the dark, holding her close to my chest and thanking God for living through this experience and for giving me an opportunity to create another human being in this lifetime.


There are a few things I’ve learned about life from my maternity and her birth:

  1. Birth is a sacred and spiritual experience. You pass over death to bring life into this world. Nothing will ever prepare your mind, body and spirit for all that you’d endure during this journey. Brace yourself and try your best to take it all in as one big beautiful experience.
  2. Stress can cause physical and mental changes and damage the mood of things. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you are uncomfortable with (person, place or thing) and/or have a birthing partner that will do that for you.
  3. Eliminating all negative people, things and circumstances out of your life is necessary inorder to make room for the positive.
  4. You are your sister’s keeper. It’s important to surround yourself with other strong women during this journey. My best friend/ sister Latreace Williams was there by my side for the entire birth. If she didn’t show up, I would have been alone for the most part. I was strong because she kept me in good spirits letting me know that she will always be there. She distracted me and held my hands in the times of need.
  5. Being apart of life’s creation process automatically brings you closer to the Creator. God is real and omnipresent. Your intuition gets stronger. Your spiritual understanding grows more profound; and you tend to develop this motherly intuition early on that keeps you “in the know.”


I hope that one day she knows and understands that:

  1. Everything that I ever done was for her own good. My career choices, the causes I stood for, and even the people/places/ things I surrounded myself with over time was because I cared enough about her safety, security and well-being to make the necessary changes to give her a better life.
  2. I prayed for her and she was everything I could have ever dreamed of.
  3. I won’t be perfect but I will love her in the most perfect way. As her mother, I will always work on behalf of her best interest and put her first over all things.
  4. No one or nothing will ever come before the love I have for her. She is everything I need. She is everything I hoped for. I am so humbled to be her mother.
  5. “She doesn’t need need a crown to know that she is a Queen.” – LB (There is royalty and loyalty inside of her DNA.)


I love my daughter so much and I look forward to our many years ahead. I hope that we build an unbreakable bond over time and she’ll always see me as the woman who cared, loved and supported her no matter what. 


Becoming Princess Dorotheá Alexandria’s Mom, July 2017 (Behind the Scenes)

As I embark on this journey of motherhood, I’ve learned so much about myself. Becoming a mother has inspired me in more ways than I can articulate. This was absolutely the best thing that could have ever happened to me, at this pivotal moment of my life, I needed her more than anything else in this world.

She gave me a reason to live again.

I’m so grateful to finally have a love that I can call my own, a person who will look up to me and a child of mines to grow with. With her, my life is now complete.

Praises to the most-high for this blessing!

Dorothea is a name derived from Greek Δωροθέα (Dōrothéa) meaning “God’s Gift”. She is truly my gift from God and I can’t wait to meet her!

For my maternity shoot, I had a vision. I wanted to make true “Poetry In Motion” to describe my love for my daughter. I’ve been writing poems to Princess Dorotheá since late February and now I wanted to turn it all into a visual art form. All of this will be released on her due date in a published book to be released. It took me 4 months to find all the right clothing, makeup, backdrop props, and also the perfect location for my shoot. I visualized this every day. I wanted this to be perfect. I wanted this to be everything I could ever imagine…and it was. Everything in the photos was symbolic and held meaning behind it. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to creatively capture my journey towards motherhood.

You can get a glimpse of my maternity project here:

A Real Holy Trinity ©

A Real Holy Trinity

Now I understand the kind of love that God has for its creation,
Mother Earth + Father God,
Allowed Her to be made in the image of pure Divinity…
My cup runneth over and my love for her overwhelms me.
She is mine’s and I am her’s…
Together, we are a sacred bond of when 2 come together there is Love.
God is Love. 

Love Flows Like Water ©

Love Flows Like Water
I will water her with love and hydrate her thirst for knowledge,
Wisdom will fall from her lips, as it always do with mine,
Her strength will be made perfect,
that will only be groomed from my brokenness.
Water is Life.
Because of her, my life will be remade anew.
She quenched my thirst for Love.
God is Love.

When She Is Born ©

When She Is Born

My daughter will know that her petals make her Divine,
She will be considered a true living Great of her time,
And as she blossoms, she will never stand to let her petals be plucked by careless hands,
Her melanin will glow from kisses of the Sun.
Her hair will defy gravity, 
and smile in curls and coils that are crowned towards the clouds,
My daughter will wear a crown…


Makeup: Dorthea E. Thomas
Creative Vision: Dorthea E. Thomas
Costume & Clothing Styling: Dorthea E. Thomas
Location & Back Drop Arrangement: Dorthea E. Thomas
Poems: Dorthea E. Thomas
Photos & Editing: Dorthea E. Thomas & CRJ (behind the scenes)
All rights reserved. Copyright 2017 Dorthea E. Thomas ©

Disclaimer: My original photo shoot was captured by Photographer Porsche Lee from Double Duece Images. However, the photos on this blog were all captured by my assistant CRJ and all rights are reserved personally to Dorthea E. Thomas. 

From Protest to Power: Day 1 of Building Grassroots Community Power with Sierra Club

“Organizing is a skilled craft; that is people-centered and based on coming to common values & goals.” – Bob Bingaman, National Organizing Director

20170306_175727In the past, I’ve worked with many social justice and environmental organizations, but my first day of “Sierra Club Organizing Training” in Oakland, CA reassured me that I was in the right place, at the right time.

The Sierra Club is an environmental organization in the United States. It was founded on May 28, 1892, in San Francisco, California, by the Scottish-American preservationist John Muir, who became its first president. It’s rich with political history of influence and power, as one of the largest grassroots environmental organizations in the world. We believe that the fight for our future and to the protect the environment is by building power through organizing people and organizing money.

In 2015, Sierra Club introduced it’s equity framework apart of the national Sierra Club Strategic Plan.  In 2016, Sierra Club decided to move away from diversity and more in the depths of equity and inclusion.

20170306_180052Currently, the Sierra Club organizes under a “Power Building” model that acknowledges: breadth, depth, network and intensity. Breadth is the number of grassroot leaders who are directly involved, engaged on the issues and making changes in their community; it also consists of the number of grasstop relationships on the higher level who have the power to make the changes the community needs. Depth is about the ability to build strong teams and volunteer groups who are dedicated to the cause and will build up the capacity of the organization. Your network is the number of strategic partnerships that can help build power. Intensity is all about how you utilize those relationships to build power and how many wins you can achieve.

“The beauty of Sierra Club is that all of my identities are able to show up.” – Allison Chin, Board of Directors

20170306_175427Community Organizers recruit, develop and engage leaders to make a difference. We create opportunities for leadership development based on the issues for our volunteers. We include equity & justice in our work. And there’s never been a good organizer who didn’t love people. Great organizers LOVE people.

Our principles of equity and inclusion lay the foundation for our work. We win campaigns but also aim for concrete improvements. We realign power in communities and empower members to become community leaders. We develop “Community-based Strategic Plans.” Our vision and values of equity, inclusion and justice plays out in all that we do. 20170306_185630

The diversity of our Organizers in Sierra Club on a national level was empowering. Young people were centered around the conversations and was literally given microphones to share our own views and perspectives. I feel a deeper connection to the work that I do and the organization that I work for.

Our jobs of organizing communities is critical. We must resist, recruit, train and sustain our leaders. Our power comes from building grassroots to achieve positive change. This may be just the beginning of a new foundation of organizing for the Sierra Club. But I believe this is a good start and I believe this is just the beginning…







Serving the people and the planet in a new capacity …

I have narrowed down my options and officially accepted the offer to be the new Detroit & Great Lakes Associate Organizer with Sierra Club of Michigan. I am pleased to announce that I will be working to help raise the Chapter’s profile in Detroit and across the region on Great Lakes regional issues and Detroit environmental justice issues.



Michigan United members and supporters from across the state, gathered in Lansing for its annual ‘Capitol Day’, lashed out at a legislature hesitant to help Flint recover from a tainted water fiasco and a governor who has reneged on a promise to protect the air. After meeting with lawmakers to discuss the Flint Water Crisis, the Clean Power Plan, Elder & Child Care, reducing Mass Incarceration and allowing immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, the group formed a bucket brigade that extended from sinks inside the Capitol building to a water barrel outside.

Gina Luster, a Flint resident who along with a young daughter have suffered from the effects of toxins in her water, addressed the protesters after the barrel was full. “This is going to be a long battle. We’re still experiencing ill effects on our mental, developmental and reproductive health. This will affect us and our kids for generations. We don’t need to just fix the pipes, they need to be replaced. Our lawmakers need to act now.”
After the protesters were finished with the legislature, they turned their focus on the Governor and the march continued across the street to the Romney building.Luster was one of a dozen people from Flint who expected to meet with Rep. Cotter’s office to discuss a supplemental appropriations bill but were turned away when they got there. A staffer for the Speaker of the House instead met with just five of them in a conference room surrounded by dozens of empty seats. In that meeting, he told the group that Rep. Cotter had no intention of addressing SB777, the supplemental Senate appropriations bill that would immediately provide Flint with $123.5 Million for health and infrastructure. Instead, Rep. Cotter will put this issue off for the rest of the summer and wait until the next fiscal year to deal with the crisis in October at the earliest.

Last year, while the EPA was constructing a set of rules for energy production called the Clean Power Plan (CPP), Governor Snyder said Michigan would come up with its own plan, an option the EPA gave states that didn’t want to use the new federal guidelines.  But when the CPP was challenged in court, Snyder halted the process for coming up with a CPP for Michigan. Earlier this year, the Michigan United Environmental Justice Team requested a meeting with Snyder’s office that has yet to materialize. So on Capitol Day, they returned in greater numbers.

The demonstration filled the lobby of the Governor’s office.  Some protesters filled balloons while others chanted. “We can’t leave it up to the market to decide whose neighborhood gets cleaned up first.” said Vicki Dobbins, a Detroit resident living in the shadow of the Marathon refinery. “We are on the frontlines and our lives depend on the Clean Power Plan being implemented and implemented now!”

Representatives from the Governor’s office came downstairs to tell the crowd that they needed to fill out a formal request to get a meeting but were informed that the group had submitted one the last time they were there. With that, the protesters sat on the floor of the lobby and began chanting “No more forms!” as a contingent went up to the Governor’s office to negotiate with the constituent services director for a meeting with a Snyder environment official to discuss the CPP and ultimately meeting with the Governor in person.

The protesters then left with their balloons full of air they took from the governor and crossed the street to retrieve the water they took from the legislature.  As they did, they walked past a truck delivering bottled water to Snyder’s staff.  The irony was wasted on no one.

 Read article here:

No more poison in Detroit’s water and air


DETROIT, MI — For too long, corporate polluters have put the profits before human lives in Michigan. The corporation US Ecology has been seeking permission from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to expand its toxic waste disposal operation from 15,000 to 330,000 tons a day on Georgia Street in Detroit. The corporation transports, treats, and disposes of radioactive, chemical, hazardous and PCB waste from all over the country and then the liquid waste (arsenic, cadmium, cyanide, lead, etc.) is dumped into the Detroit public sewerage system.

The expansion is raising health concerns among our families, friends and those who live directly in the area. The facility is currently located within a mile of a number of schools, houses of worship, a hospital and even a senior center. One minor accident or fail in infrastructure could majorly contaminate the water and poison the entire city of Detroit, including surrounding suburbs that share the same water sources.

We, the Coalition to Oppose the Expansion and Michigan United gathered together and protested outside the state offices in Detroit on May 26, and demanded a meeting with officials from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) on spot to discuss the need to put environmental justice first in Michigan. Our list of demands included:

●  Stop the 10-fold expansion of this hazardous waste plant.

●  Stop dumping toxic and radioactive waste and contaminating Detroit’s water.

●  Continue forward with the CPP state implementation process and support Michigan efforts to move forward with the Clean Power Plan (CPP.)

●  Conduct public input hearings in communities across the state that are most impacted by carbon pollution to hear how this pollution impacts our daily lives.

Valerie Jean of the Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands (DCATS) initiated the conversation, saying “We are coming together to let the state of Michigan and MDEQ know that they have completely failed us on all fronts.”

Afterwards, I spoke on behalf of Michigan United. Because meanwhile in District 6 where I live, the area code 48217 is the state’s most polluted zip code, the Marathon refinery continues to expose residents to toxins that cause a wide variety of health problems. When President Obama decided to issue rules for energy production that would address such problems, Governor Snyder said Michigan would come up with its own CPP rules.  But when the Federal plan was challenged in court, Snyder halted the process here. Our communities are being poisoned and, for too long, big dirty energy companies have profited from the destruction. They’ve left communities like Detroit with dirty air, poisoned water and dangerous, dead-end jobs.

Our Coalition wants the MDEQ to put the health of our people before corporate polluters and profits. We will not take any of the environmental racism and genocidal practices to destruct our communities anymore. The revolution will not be televised.

Dortheá E. Thomas is an environmental and climate justice organizer. Contact her at

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Let’s get ready to step into our royal destiny as Q.U.E.E.N.’s for 2016!

I’m inviting at least 10 other ladies to join me in gearing up for the new year, and going deeper into our purpose to help take our spiritual, personal and professional lives to the next level!

So I’ve been taking a “mini- break” for the last week, meditating on my vision for the new year, and going deeper in prayer. It is such a blessing to be able to stop and pause…and spend time with family. But in the process, I’ve been also prepping for this new project because I want it be something that changes and transforms every single woman’s life who decided to participate in the program.

I want this to help every Queen find her God Given purpose while in a supportive environment watching other leading ladies around her grow and change for the better as well. This is a movement! And I’m just thrilled for all who’ve decided to come hear about the challenge and start working with ME this weekend!

At the meeting, we will discuss the expectations and qualifications of joining the mentoring program that to help give back to young girls in the Metro- Detroit area. Ladies will also be invited to make your own vision board, mission statement and become an official ambassador of the Challenge.

Keeping A Glimmer of HOPE!

On October 10, 2015, I was invited to share a message with the United Methodist Women of the Detroit Renaissance District. It was humbling to speak to so  many dedicated women of faith from all over the state.

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to help ignite our faith to endure the test and trials of life. I thank God he trusts me enough to minister over the men and women of God to help instill the HOPE they need for their journey’s in life.

A lot of people are trying to have faith and they don’t even have HOPE these days. Hope is the ability to have only positive expectations, despite your current circumstances. My mission was to inspire and motivate the women of God to triumph over the enemy. 

The thoughts you think are more powerful than the words you speak. Whatever you feed your attention to will consume you. You have to focus on the positive things in life. You may not feel blessed but once you finally get a picture of it, your life will start moving towards those blessings of greatness. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy will come in the morning.

In Zechariah 9:12 God says “Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners who still have HOPE! I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.”

We have to be prisoners of HOPE. We waste enough of our time being negative, critical and discouraging. The enemy is going to attack you… you’re in the army of GOD. You are going to have problems… but this too shall pass. It’s not our circumstances that steals our joy, it’s our attitude towards our circumstances that steals our joy! Our joy cannot be attached to our circumstances – because they change. We must hold on to our joy in the Lord – because he never fails, he never changes, he will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you don’t even have room to receive!

Your greater is coming. All you need is a glimmer of HOPE! Because, you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you.

My prayer of HOPE:

Lord God, I pray that you fill our hearts with joy and peace today, so that in unity we may overflow with Hope for the future. Father, restore us and cause Your face to shine upon us and we shall be saved. For you are a merciful God, and hear all of our prayers. Because it is in Christ, that we can do all things which strengthen us. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

-A glimmer of hope

Join me…Only two weeks until my Official Triple Launch & Book Signing!

from naomi (1)

Hello Friends & Family,

The time has come when I’ve decided to officially launch my first three self-published books. The year of 2015 has been a journey for me full of ups and downs; and every day that I have a breath I continously give thanks to God for his mercy and grace. I would like to also thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to leave a kind word in support of my writing and ministry as a published author. I will continue to service you beautiful people with my ministry of writing for as long as I have breath in my lungs and the capacity to articulate my thoughts into words. The love and support means so much to me and it fuels me every day to give you all the best of me. It really makes a difference hearing your thoughts and connecting with you all.  I always love engaging with my supporters, friends and family as much as I can. I’m aiming to be more intentional and impactful with my work. I hope that you can join me for refreshments and in celebration for my first book signing and official launch. Love you all. Glory be to God!