I am so excited to tell you about something awesome I am committing to for the year 2016! And I want to invite you to participate in this amazing, complimentary challenge that I’ve decided to host.

This one year challenge is called, the “I AM QUEEN – Leading Lady 365” challenge. With this challenge, I am reaching out to phenomenal women who are called to go HIGHER into the next dimension. I AM QUEEN is a one year long program designed to teach us how to grow spiritually, professionally and financially by learning how to monetize our expertise or story and live out our life’s purposeful mission to the fullest. It’s perfect for women who are aspiring to become mentors; we’ll be using the knowledge we’ve acquired to reach back and become big sisters to young women and girls 9 to 19 years old in the city of Detroit. This Challenge will teach us how to turn our mess into a message and bring the things that God places in our heart into fruition.

I believe in you. I want you to participate with me in this challenge. All you have to do is register at:  http://bit.ly/LeadingLady365

Remember, to pay it forward and spread the love, too!I want you to also invite 15 people to be apart of your own Dream Team. I believe that living dreams and helping people to go to the next level is a movement and I want you to be apart of it. I want 2016 to be a year like we never had before.

You’re on my Dream Team.

Let’s do this!

Register for the free session here: http://bit.ly/LeadingLady365


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